An Eco-Friendly, Economical Solution for Rusted & Corroded Structures

Organic Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion during storage of raw material and material in the process is a major problem for large engineering industries. Rusting of structures, columns and equipment in a chemical industry is a perennial problem requiring repeated painting, which is a highly, labour intensive process involving high costs. Corrosion is present in a big way in industries where acids and harsh chemicals are used during the process. This also demands regular maintenance.

SUPRABHA has developed a product “FEC 902- Rust Convertor” which can convert rust into a protective layer that can then be painted or used for further processes like welding etc. This converted layer is not a constraint in the process of welding. With this product engineering and chemical, units do not require to spend valuable time in removing rust using acids and chemicals or by applying paint to clean the surface of rust.

SUPRABHA FEC-902 works in a unique way. The ready to use liquid solution converts all the Rust into Ferric Chellate thereby forming a bluish black layer which prevents further rusting due to the presence of the corrosion inhibitor.


  • Eliminates processes like surface preparation and phosphate treatment otherwise required to treat mild steel prior to primer application.
  • Elimination of the above processes results in considerable saving time and material costs.
  • Ease in an application using a simple brush or a spray is an added advantage.
  • The machined surface itself being corrosion resistant on the application of FEC 902 Rust Convertor, the component awaiting processing can be stored as it is.
  • A unique feature of FEC 902 Rust Convertor is that even the non-rusty area would have a uniform film giving a good finishing surface.
  • Acts as a good primer for items that require painting.
  • Painted surfaces that having a prior treatment of FEC 902 Rust Convertor would be better resistant to corrosion.
  • The speciality chemicals that are used make the liquid penetrate deep into the vessels, structures and cavities, ensuring superior surface painting.
  • These chemicals are Eco-friendly, pH neutral, odourless, non-inflammable and very safe to handle.
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