Comparative Study on Suprabha’s Organic VCI (SO VCI® ) and Trichloroethylene

Suprabha's Organic VCI

Trichloroethylene is a very good cleaner but the components cleaned will catch rust immediately (flash rusting), due to pollutants in the immediate atmosphere.

Components cleaned with SO VCI® 418 will not catch rust even if the same is exposed to atmospheric conditions due to the corrosion inhibitors blended in our SO VCI®418. Components will remain rust free for a couple of days.

Trichloroethylene tends to become acidic over a period of time due to moisture contamination and the bath has to be changed frequently. It also needs to be neutralized properly before disposal. All these add to the maintenance cost.

SO VCI® 418 has pH of between 9-9.5 and will not become acidic. It is a homogeneous product and due to this the maintenance of bath becomes very easy; only topping up is to be done when the level goes down. Hence need not be changed frequently. It can be filtered and re-used. It has de-watering property and hence a conical tank with drainage cock can be used to remove the water collection.

The Trichloroethylene bath has to be maintained at an elevated temperature and hence electric power is required. The loss on account of vaporization may be around 35-40%.

SO VCI® 418 has to be used at room temperature. Hence there is no expenditure on power. The loss on account of vaporization is about 10%.

Trichloroethylene is hazardous, carcinogenic and hence is not environmental friendly. It requires special treatment for disposal.

SO VCI® 418 is a safe product and does not release any obnoxious gases. It can be disposed of following the waste disposal system used for disposing of oils.

Overall there will be a benefit by switching over to SO VCI®418. It is successfully implemented in many engineering units in place of TCE.

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Aditya Ranjan Pathak
Aditya Ranjan Pathak
5 years ago

What is the protection period of SO VCI ? Can increasing the thickness or multiple layer application result in longer protection period ?

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