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SO VCI® Rustopaper

SO VCI® Rustopaper is a versatile barrier material that ensures 100% protection from water and moisture transmission, besides protection from wear and tear caused during handling and transport. This SO VCI® impregnated paper has been specially developed at Suprabha to offer ideal protection to semi-finished and finished ferrous, and non-ferrous metals and alloys like aluminium, copper, brass, silver, etc. Made up of LDPE film, HDPE woven fabric and SO VCI® impregnated paper, and bound together through a superior lamination process, Rustopaper has the ability to substitute all other bulky conventional material such as tar-coated paper, jute cloth and polythene covers. Rustopaper is versatile enough to be used to fabricate covers and bags of any size or type (flap type covers, for instance, or as hood and bottom sheet types, mounted on the base palette, for bigger machines).
For users, Rustopaper offers unique advantages such as:
  • Thorough long-lasting protection: The effect of SO VCI® protects not only the surface but also recessed areas and interior cavities of metals. Protection against rust lasts up to 24 months, to cover the longest periods of transit and storage. This property also extends the shelf-life of your products.
  • Robust Action: Knowing that it is not always possible to create a contact fit, Rustopaper has been designed to create a protective field. Even in exceptional situations where the tough SO VCI® paper is torn or punctured, the replenishing action of SO VCI® vapours continues to protect components against rust. Users of Rustopaper can rely on uninterrupted protection right through rounds of inspection at ports, where packs may actually be opened.
  • Cost Saving: Since this innovative material substitutes multiple conventional packaging materials, the cost of wooden crate material can be reduced, especially when machines are to be loaded in containers at the factory, and during point-to-point transportation.
  • International standards of protection: Rustopaper conforms to IS – 6263 and other international specifications.
Special Features of Suprabha’s SO VCI® Paper:
  • Dry method to protect and prevent moisture and pollutants from attacking the metal
  • Inaccessible areas and microscopic cavities in the metal surface are also protected through unique SO VCI® ionic action
  • On contact with the metal, the SO VCI® paper does not leave any residual film or layer
  • SO VCI® vapours treat the entrapped atmosphere/moisture inside the package
  • Even if the SO VCI® layer is disturbed due to opening of the enclosed space, the protective layer gets replenished by the continuous vaporization of the SO VCI® chemicals
  • The SO VCI® action keeps the packed item factory fresh and in a ready-to-use condition till they reach their destination
  • Need-specific protection against rust during storage as well as transit
  • Protection in ambient atmospheric conditions of durations between 6 and 24 months or even more if required
  • Eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and economical

Suprabha is among the leading VCI paper suppliers in India. The VCI Paper or Rustopaper is easy to use and it is not harmful to the environment. This non-polluting material does not leave a film on metal components. Moreover, it is designed for disposal in an environmentally acceptable manner.