Rust Proofing Services in India

SO VCI®  Rustofilms


Suprabha is the leading SO VCI® RUSTOFilm manufacturer in India. This product is produced at our state-of-the-art Multi-layer co-extrusion manufacturing facility. Being anti-corrosive in nature, these films are used to pack various machines and components, electric / electronic instruments and thus, safeguard them from adverse environmental effects.

The unique blend of Multi metal Corrosion inhibitors and virgin polymers, co-extruded to produce SO VCI® Rustofilm to protect ferrous and non-ferrous materials against corrosion. It affords dry protection to packed metal components. Translucent and heat sealable, Rustofilm is available in a range of colours such as blue, yellow and green. An anti-static variation has been developed for electric/electronic components.

Users of Rustofilm get the advantage of:
  • Thorough protection that works inside as well as outside: The effect of SO VCI® works not only on the surface but also in recessed areas and interior cavities of components.
  • Versatility to suit most sizes and shapes: These innovative materials are available in a range of thicknesses (300-600 gauge) in forms such as 3 –D bags, gusseted bags, tubing and sheeting. Suprabha is one of few manufacturers globally to offer multi-layered blown films of up to 6000 mm width.
  • An award-winning Seaworthy Packaging System: In combination with extra barrier material covers like LDPE/HDPE fabric, and Desiccants, Suprabha Rustofilm forms an effective Transparent Seaworthy Packaging System that offers users effectively, cost-effective protection. This feature makes it easy for inspection of the packed material at Customs/Ports for inspection, without opening the package. This saves the packed components from rusting, thereby saving precious foreign exchange to the country.
Special Features of Rustofilm
  • Dry multi metal protection method to protect and prevent the rust from intruding into the metal
  • Recessed areas and interior cavities of the metals are also protected through unique SO VCI® ionic action.
  • Heat sealable
  • Also available in yellow & blue colour
  • Available as bags, gusseted bags, tubing and sheeting

This system has won the prestigious ‘INDIA STAR 2006’ from the Indian Institute of Packaging and ‘WORLD STAR 2006’ from the World Packaging Organization.

SO VCI® is a Registered trademark of Suprabha Protective Products Pvt.

SO VCI® Biodegradable Synthetic Paper

Suprabha is one of the leading synthetic paper manufacturers in the country. The Biodegradable Synthetic Paper from Suprabha has almost all the combined properties of Paper and Plastic, like flexibility, water resistance, heat seal-ability, printability etc.

Normal LDPE film can allow transmission of moisture (Breathing Phenomenon) which may cause corrosion of the packed item. Suprabha Synthetic Paper due to its unique co-extrusion manufacturing process and SO VCI® additives does not allow moisture molecules to transgress thereby preventing corrosion. This unique paper also gives users the advantage of high-quality printability.

This range of polymer-based Synthetic Paper combines the best of polymer and paper, to offer fool-proof protection to finished and semi-finished ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys such as aluminum, copper, brass and silver. The unique co-extrusion manufacturing process and the SO VCI® additives in Suprabha synthetic paper, scores over conventional material like LDPE film in numerous ways.

  • Total resistance to rust-causing moisture molecules: Suprabha synthetic paper forms a powerful barrier against moisture, thereby preventing corrosion to components over extended periods of time.
  • Self-replenishing protection even in adverse conditions: Even if the fit is not perfect or there is damage caused to packaging material, SO VCI® vapours act to offer continuing protection to metal products.
  • Versatile Applications: This advanced material can be used for packaging and over-wrapping metal components, as well as for lining corrugated boxes. Suprabha Biodegradable Synthetic paper comes in a specialist variant, where it is laminated with HDPE fabric to offer extra strength, durability and water-proof properties.
  • Environment-friendly solution: Suprabha synthetic paper is biodegradable, and leaves no hazardous traces on the material packaged or in the environment. However, in order to withstand the rigours of outside storage, the product has been designed to resist decomposition for up to a period of five years.
Special Features :
  • Dry protection to metal
  • Also protects recessed areas and interior cavities of the metal parts
  • No residual film or layer on the metal surface due to contact with these products
  • Protection during storage as well as transit in severe saline atmosphere as per requirement
  • Protection duration between 6-24 months if required in ambient atmospheric conditions
  • Replenishing action of SO VCI® vapours ensures protection of the component even if the package is punctured or torn
  • Keeps the packed items in factory fresh condition, and ready-to-use on delivery
  • Does not contain heavy chemicals like silicones, nitrites, chlorides, chromates, phosphates, etc.
  • Products are reusable and recyclable

SO VCI® is a Registered trademark of Suprabha Protective Products Pvt. Ltd.