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For over 6000 companies that span the engineering industry, Suprabha Protective Products Pvt. Ltd. is a strategic corrosion-prevention partner that innovates for their specific needs. Customers leverage Suprabha’s revolutionary products and solutions, to save up to 40% of their corrosion costs every year. This gives them a competitive advantage in an increasingly globalised marketplace.

The Group also offers specific packaging solutions for the fertilizer, cement and agriculture sectors, besides fumigation covers for the storage of food grains.

For the corrosion prevention industry,Suprabha is a pioneer in rust prevention systems, both in India and the world; a company that leads the way with innovation, indigenous development and a deep rooted concern for the environment. Statistics show that about one billion pounds of solvents from anti-corrosive liquid coatings are released annually into the environment by chemical process and manufacturing industries in the US alone. Suprabha innovates in India to formulate environmentally responsible products, which minimises the damage caused globally.

International federations and associations consider Suprabha worthy of recognition for its innovative solutions. The collection of awards that the company has been honoured with is eloquent evidence of the fact. If your business needs innovative rust-prevention solutions that can put you on a fast-track to a zero-corrosion destination, Suprabha’s offerings are a perfect starting point.

Suprabha has sophisticated manufacturing facilities in and around Pune, spread over 150000 square feet of land. Suprabha has consistently upgraded its facilities. That it has the world’s finest and fully-integrated production line from Starlinger is but a natural consequence of its dedicated efforts to stay ahead of its times. State-of-the-art HDPE / PP woven-fabric plant from Starlinger can manufacture fabric to suit a whole host of packaging applications. Needless to mention, the material produced has a fine finish and superior strength. The fully automated and integrated production line covers all processes and products ranging from film blowing / extrusion of polymers, lamination, chemical coating to the fabrication of customised covers. The lamination plant is equipped to produce laminated fabric up to 4250 mm in single width. These facilities produce fabric in various colours, shapes and sizes.