Reinforced PE Scrim

Supralene® Multilayered Reinforced PE


Supralene® is a multilayered reinforced PE laminate which offers higher degree of strength and waterproof quality.

This is a multi-layered product, with heavy duty mesh/scrim fabric reinforcement laminated between two layers of virgin, high strength polyethylene film, by the co-extrusion process.  All the layers are specially treated with UV additives, making it suitable for external use also.

For agriculture and other outdoor usages, the product is manufactured specially with a white colour film on one side. When the white side is used as outside, it allows minimal heat buildup and condensation, which is most desirable in agriculture application.

Suprabha with its R & D team, also offers a variant of this product Supralene® Plus with special SO VCI® inhibitors, making it useful in rust preventive packing also.

  • Lightweight, flexible
  • Puncture resistance, high tear strength.
  • High strength, excellent barrier property.
  • UV stabilized for outdoor usage
  • Heavy duty / high strength scrim reinforcement, in square grid extrusion laminated polythene film, resists punctures and stops further tearing.

Supralene® is used for short and mid-term storage, as

  • Grain covers
  • Fumigation covers
  • Dunnage sheets
  • Pond liners
  • Industrial Covers for
    • Storage/preservation of machinery from dust, dirt moisture etc.
    • Transportation and Export Packing
  • Construction covers
  • Temporary Tents