Corrosion Solutions Provider - Suprabha

Corrosion Solutions Provider (CSP) Program


That most manufacturers and exporters of engineering goods incur substantial costs year after year in anti-corrosion measures is common knowledge.

What is not known however, is that, in most cases the efforts are wasted, as they do not address the actual cause of corrosion.

The most critical step of corrosion-prevention lies in identifying its root cause. This is easier said than done since the causes of corrosion are innumerable, and can range from the incompatibility of a metal with a certain treatment, to flaws in the manufacturing process to packaging. To complicate matters further, corrosion may not be visible at the time of packing, but can progress to advanced levels at the final destination, leading to dissatisfaction at the customer’s end.

Suprabha Corrosion Solutions Provider (CSP) program  minimizes costs and aims for zero level rejection or wastage due to corrosion. An ideal rust prevention system for clients, this program involves:

  • A thorough inspection and study of the manufacturer’s product, processes and methods of packaging, undertaken by a team of qualified personnel from Suprabha.
  • A detailed report along with recommendations.
  • A corrosion prevention plan, which specifies and details out process revisions for optimal results.
  • Training the manufacturer’s staff in implementing the plan.
  • Careful monitoring of all efforts by trained personnel from Suprabha.