Suprabha Life Cycle Protection Solution

Life Cycle Protection


Globally, a mind-boggling $2.2 trillion is wasted each year on corrosion damage. In a manufacturing set up, metal parts are vulnerable to corrosion at every stage.

  • Pre-process: When raw material is received, the process of corrosion has already begun. Besides, stored raw material is often exposed to the forces of nature, which accelerate the process of corrosion.
  • In-process: Physical handling invariably leaves fingerprints that are damaging to metals, as skin secretions are acidic and highly corrosive.
  • Post-process: Post-process inspections leave machined components exposed to the atmosphere, and thereby vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Transportation: Metal components are usually transported by sea, and obviously in saline and humid atmospheric conditions. Inappropriate or inadequate packaging leaves packed items vulnerable to corrosion attacks.

The only effective way to arrest this colossal waste is to take a holistic anti-corrosion approach. And that’s what Suprabha offers to manufacturers of engineering products through a unique solution.

It is common practice to attribute all corrosion problems to packaging, which leads to excessive and often unnecessary effort in that area. But looking at corrosion in isolation is a mistake. This phenomenon can occur at any time, right from the arrival of raw material, to the delivery of finished products. A holistic approach covering the entire LIFE CYCLE of the product is required to arrest corrosion problems and their expensive repercussions.

Suprabha’s Life Cycle Protection is a four-stage solution that protects metal components from corrosion, right through their life-cycle. Suprabha uses its understanding of the industry, expertise in corrosion prevention and its line of innovative products to achieve the goal of a corrosion-free set up.

Some of the unique features of Suprabha’s Life Cycle Protection program are:

  • A Corrosion Audit covering the entire life cycle of a product. This is the first time in the world an expert has offered such an extensive and detailed audit.
  • Based on the findings of the audit, solutions are recommended. Care is taken to find solutions that don’t radically change existing processes, or demand expensive downtime.
  • Suprabha experts work with the client team to help standardise corrosion preventive products/systems.
  • Training of personnel is undertaken to ensure proper implementation of the recommendations.
  • Periodical audits of the system are conducted to check for continuing efficacy.
  • A robust foundation laid on the basis of the recommendations paves the way for a corrosion-free environment and better product realization.