What is the Solution to Humidity in Packaging?

Packaging Solution

Humidity is a deadly enemy of any engineering item, be it a machined component or a finely finished machine. Humidity within the packing is the main cause of corrosion. Desiccants are placed inside the packing in order to absorb moisture and lessen its ill effects. The disadvantage of the commonly used desiccants is that they get saturated because of the moisture, and if these desiccants in their saturated form come in contact with a machined surface, the promote corrosion contrary to reducing it.

SUPRABHA through its R&D infrastructure has developed a new generation desiccant (DHF 555) in view of such problems faced by the engineering industry. SUPRABHA DHF 555 is an activated clay compound which is an excellent absorber of moisture, which does not get as soaked as to ooze the absorbed moisture when saturated. It is pH near neutral range thus having no adverse effect on metals. The right quantity of this desiccant ensures a humidity-free dry packing


Contrary to the conventional desiccants, SUPRABHA DHF 555 does not release the absorbed moisture, thereby ensuring humidity-free packing.

  • The diurnal changes in the weather, especially in case of shipment, do not affect SUPRABHA DHF 555.
  • Since its pH value is near neutral, SUPRABHA DHF 555 does not accelerate corrosion inside the packing.
  • It has no adverse effect on paint, plastic, oil etc.
  • It is non-toxic, Eco-friendly, does not cause pollution and is easy to use.
  • Even a small quantity of the desiccant is enough to absorb a large quantity of water vapour.
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