Rust Convertor- Suprabha

SO VCI® Surface Treatment Liquid


Suprabha offers a range of rust prevention surface treatment liquid to degrease and de-rust components. Several of these user-friendly rust proofing liquid concentrates are biodegradable.


It is a common practice to use alkaline media to remove oil, grease, dust, dirt etc. Often these are not effective. Suprabha has developed a range of water based near neutral cleaners for specific applications. These can be used for cleaning both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. This is the Suprabha ALC series that includes ALC 852/854/855/856 etc. Suprabha also provides a solvent cutback cleaner SO VCI® 418/448.

Rust Removal

This is the next step in cleaning of metal items. To remove rust scales and oxide deposits, the smaller items can be immersed into a bath of any of the Suprabha Rust Removers, namely the RRM series (RRM 422/423).
After derusting, the components are to be rinsed in plain water thoroughly, followed by immediately dipping into a neutraliser bath of SO VCI® 302/302V. This is necessary as otherwise the acid drag on metal surface will result in more rust.
Suprabha also offers an additive to the acid tanks which reduces metal loss in the bath, accelerate derusting, and forms a foamy layer on top of the bath which prevents the acid fumes from escaping into the atmosphere and causing damage to the immediate structures.

Rust Convertor

For larger surfaces like fabricated products, where rust removing is cumbersome, Suprabha has a very effective solution where the superficial layer of rust can be converted into a rust preventive coating. For this Suprabha has developed a special product, the FEC 902. This can be applied on any rusted surface and it creates a rust preventive film that protects the underlying surface. Painting on such a surface is possible.

Some of the unique advantages of the Suprabha range are:
  • Inhibitors for long-lasting rust protection: Unlike conventional options, Suprabha surface treatment rust prevention liquids have inhibitors that prevent atmospheric pollutants from affecting protected surfaces after cleaning.
  • Inexpensive maintenance: Suprabha has aqueous baths which are near neutral and can be topped up inexpensively, unlike with traditional rust proofing options.
  • Zero power consumption: Unlike TCE baths, which require higher temperatures, Suprabha’s rust preventive solvent cut-back cleaners can be used at room temperature. This means no power bills and minimised evaporation losses.
  • Zero hazards:  Unlike conventional baths that tend to be carcinogenic and hazardous, Suprabha’s aqueous baths release no toxic fumes. They can be disposed of without any treatment, through a regular oil waste disposal system.