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The economic importance of rust cannot be underestimated. In India alone, losses due to corrosion are estimated to be around 5% of India’s GDP as per an independent study done by CECRI, Karaikudi. And if that weren’t daunting enough, a substantial number of metal components in large plants are damaged by rusting, even before they’re ever used.

Two instances of this phenomenon are seen in:

  • Erection of plant: This process can take years, and meanwhile, kits of machinery, which are usually assembled on location, have to be stored at the plant site. Unfavourable weather conditions, humidity levels and broken packages leave them vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Inventory of spares: The availability of spares is a must to minimise downtime during operation. Unfortunately, stored spares like gears, rotor motors, control panels and valves get rusted in storehouses.

The silver lining on these scenarios is that for a fraction of the cost of replacement and repairs, you can preserve your stored components and equipment for years.

Suprabha SAP (Supply, Apply, Preserve). Up to 25 years of safety from corrosion.

Suprabha SAP has the know-how and the experience to preserve your stored metal products for as many as 25 years. A series of steps, all executed on-site, protect your valuable investments. They are:

A complimentary on-site assessment.

A techno-commercial proposal, for your specific needs.

Preservation steps, including overall rust prevention, packaging and preservation, using SO VCI® innovations. Some of the steps in this process include treating rusted parts, packaging, conditioning the environment within the pack and sealing with water-proof, temperature resistant innovations.

Advantages of SAP :

  • Preservation for as many as 25 years.
  • The benefit of Suprabha’s corrosion and packaging experts, who find simple practical solutions for complex needs.
  • Suprabha technology that can not just protect new components, but also salvage rusted components, leading to significant savings.
  • Negligible costs compared to the price of replacement and repairs.
  • All activities are undertaken at the customer’s site. This makes day-to-day inspection of the activities conducted in preservation possible.
  • The benefit of blue-chip experience: Suprabha has already executed major preservation activities at companies like BHEL, NPC, NTPC etc.
Packaging Contracts

In this concept, we take up the entire packaging activity, at your works, in our fold. The Supply of Material (all packaging material), Manpower (the workers who do the packing) and tools required to complete the packing are in our scope. The main thought behind this is that you can concentrate only on your core competency and leave the packing of your finished goods to us.